Cousins - Mac Walter and John Cronin



"With brilliant runs and solid rhythms, Mac and John demonstrate the best in combining superb technical prowess with a moving, soulful delivery. Their command of folk, blues and jazz lends to an exciting evening that never drags. Wonderful, intricate interplay!"

Joe Dockery
Executive Director, Queen City Acoustic
Staunton, Virginia

"John and Mac are a consumate duo. To watch them connect visually is something to see. To hear them connect musically and artistically is simply amazing. To hear the results, takes the audience into another plane of emotional and musical experience! That's what artists do and they are true artists!"

Ken Mallett
CV Arts
Invermere, BC, Canada

"Just absolutely stellar! Monster playing and musicianship, and a real nice mix of tunes, styles, voices. So clean and honest. The more I listen to them, the better they become. It's the kind of music that clears my mind, evokes feelings of fresh air and open spaces, in other words, music that renews the soul. Can't ask for more than that."

Ralph Reinoldi
O'Malley's March, Baltimore, MD

"What do you get when you put two virtuosic guitarists together? COUSINS! The musical chemistry between John and Mac is rare and deep. They are so well tuned to each other that their guitar phrasing fits like interlocking puzzle pieces. This is organic, well executed American music. Measured by Duke Ellington's yardstick: 'If it sounds good, it is good," I must say this is GOOD music!

Max Ochs
Composer of 'Imaginational Anthem"
Founder, 333 Coffeehouse, Annapolis, MD

"If I know I'm going to be rambling down a country road or exploring the backwoods in my truck, I make sure I have my favorite music with me: both Cousins CDs. Mac and John's styles of playing mesh perfectly to create an ambiance that shivers gentle summer days into my soul and lightens my heart like seeing a stirring landscape. I can hardly wait for these two talented musicians to create another chapter of sounds to accompany my ramblings."

Ian Cobb
Editor, The Valley Echo Newspaper
Invermere, BC, Canada

"I’ve heard it said, and have often repeated, that Mac is the mind and John is the heart of the guitar. The fact is that any interval of time may find either one of them using heart, mind and body to pull meaning out of this simple machine they love."

Tom Wisner, Solomons, MD